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Important funding information & contacts

Below are important contacts for funding matters, guidelines and helpful resources.

Vacant Filler

Vice President of Services

Pat Apap

Regarding general funding questions, request help and meeting requests.


Vacant Filler

Director of Appropriations

Andrea McDonald

Regarding specific request aid, meeting requests, training questions and funding approval questions.


Vacant Filler

Business Operations 


Regarding scheduling payments, ERF, P-Card checkout information, schedule a time to meet after approved budget request.

Room: POST 243

Phone:  602-496-4357

When requesting funding, certain guidelines must be followed. These guidelines can be found in the student handbook linked below as well as on the Canvas course.


Also linked below are event planning resources including approved promotional vendors and food vendors/catering policies, as well as a guide on P-Card usage. To find out if your budget request requires a p-card or a scheduled invoice payment, please schedule a meeting with the Business Office after being approved for your budget request.

1. Go to your club page in SunDevilSync-

2. Select Manage Organization in the Upper Right Corner

3. Click the 3 horizontal bars stacked vertically (hamburger) in the upper left corner.

4. From the dropdown menu, select Finance.

5. In the upper right corner, click the arrow next to the blue button that reads 'Create New Request', and select 'Create Budget Request' to access the Application.

6. Select 'Club Operations Funding-Downtown' for operational funding (week to week expenses) or 'Downtown Undergraduate Event/General Funding Request' for event funding.

7. Fill out the application COMPLETELY, providing as much detail as possible and following all instructions.

8. Check your organization's Finance tab regularly for updates from the committee.

Please be sure to pay close attention to deadlines for funding requests, outlined in Canvas course.


Once approved by the Appropriations Committee, your requesting officer will receive an email with information on how to proceed. If you have any questions regarding the status of your request, please contact Director of Appropriations Andie McDonald at

If you do not have any listed officers on SunDevilSync, please contact Downtown SCC at

Submitting a budget request

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