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Our student government team is committed to serving students through student advocacy. We work to collect students' feedback, concerns and opinions towards bills and resolutions happening at the state level, and, depending on how our constituents feel about a topic, we then work to pass a resolution that reflects student opinions. Your voice is our voice; without you, it is impossible for us to advocate at the local and state level. Please engage with us, participate in the conversation and hold your USGD representatives accountable for advocating on your behalf.




of Regents

Our USGD members are constantly interacting with the Arizona Board of Regents, which is the governing body of Arizona's public universities. ABOR represents Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University and the University of Arizona. We participate in meetings that happen at all campuses, tuition hearings and tuition workshops.





In the Spring, USGD's policy team, executive board members and Senate can be found at the Arizona State Capitol, listening in on important conversations about bills that will effect our students. Our USGD members encourage students to Request to Speak, where they can voice their opinions and be heard by legislators. USGD meets with legislators and participates in stakeholders' meetings.


student government legislation

Our Senate passes or denies resolutions that they draft that support or do not support bills and resolutions at the Arizona State Capitol level that will effect students. We collect feedback from our students in order to most accurately represent our constituents. 

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