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Club funding is a great financial resource for clubs to put on events, coordinate speakers, and travel to conferences. Our goal has always been to fund a diverse range of programming that directly benefits the undergraduate student body. All funding requests are made through sundevilsync.

Funding Training Required to Request

In order to request funds from USGD, it is required to complete annual funding training in order to become acquainted with deadlines, processes and rules/regulations for funding. 

If you are requesting funding as an individual (professional development/travel), you must enroll in training and complete all necessary modules.

If you are requesting as an organization, please choose a SunDevilSync registered officer to complete the canvas course and to also request funds. A member of your organization must be a registered officer in order to request funds on behalf of the organization.

Enroll in the canvas course below:

Important funding information & contacts

Below are important contacts for funding matters, guidelines and helpful resources.


Vice President of Services

Caleb Scott

Regarding general funding questions, request help and meeting requests.



Director of Appropriations

Andrea McDonald

Regarding specific request aid, meeting requests, training questions and funding approval questions.


Vacant Filler

Business Operations 


Regarding scheduling payments, ERF, P-Card checkout information, schedule a time to meet after approved budget request.

Room: POST 243

Phone:  602-496-4357

When requesting funding, certain guidelines must be followed. These guidelines can be found in the student handbook linked below as well as on the Canvas course.


Also linked below are event planning resources including approved promotional vendors and food vendors/catering policies, as well as a guide on P-Card usage. To find out if your budget request requires a p-card or a scheduled invoice payment, please schedule a meeting with the Business Office after being approved for your budget request.

Types of Funding & Fall Deadlines


Provided at the beginning of the semester for week-to-week club expenses. Operational threshold of $850.


Deadline to request:

Feburary 8th, 2024


Supports clubs in holding events aimed to foster a more engaging, safe environment. Event funding cap is $2000.

Deadline to request:

March 29th, 2024

professional development 
& Travel

Aims to provide financial assistance to students for academic and professional opportunities. Student request cap is $750.

Deadline to request:

March 15th, 2024

club start-up

Supports new on-campus organizations in all operational funding to initially begin functioning.

Deadline to request:

March 29th, 2024

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