Senators are a part of the legislative branch of USG. The senate addresses issues pertaining to any aspect of the university and beyond. All senators serve on committees, which produce legislation relevant to the business of the committee. Legislation is discussed at bi-weekly senate meetings, which alternate with bi-weekly committee meetings.

All undergraduate students are invited and welcome to discuss any aspect of their undergraduate experience with the senators in their school or college. Legislation passed by the Undergraduate Student Government Senate is representative of the voice of undergraduate students.

Senators can help you with almost everything you can imagine when it comes to your overall experience at ASU. Funding for trips, events or programs you want to see initiated, student organizations you want to get involved with or launch — information about all these topics can be gleaned from your senators.

She is a sophomore majoring in medical studies in the College of Health Solutions and a Barrett student.

renuka vemuri

She is a Barrett freshman majoring in medical studies from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Karenna Sandoval

She is studying public service and public policy with a concentration in criminology from Tucson, Arizona. She is also a transfer student. She is the Government Operations Committee Chair.

Nora thompson

He is an honors sophomore nursing student from Hawai'i. This is his second semester in USGD.

Brendan Wong

He is a Barrett sophomore studying nursing and a student of the Next Generation Service Corps from Goodyear, Arizona. This is his second year in USGD.

lance israel lim

Hannah is currently a freshman working towards a degree in nursing with the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation. She is eager to help other Edson students in anyway she can!

Hannah Neiyer

USGD is currently accepting applications for this position on a rolling basis.


She is an honors sophomore studying health sciences. She is the Appropriations Committee Vice-Chair.

monica medina

He is a freshman studying journalism and mass communication from Chicago, Illinois. He is the External Affairs Committee Chair.

John Brown

He is a freshman student from Oregon studying public service and public policy. He is also the Government Operations Committee Vice-Chair.

Aden parsons