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Who really is USGD?

When you’re on Taylor Mall and you see us tabling, or get a t-shirt from us during an event like Passport to Phoenix, you might wonder: “What is USGD?” Is it a club, student organization, a job? Well, it’s a mixture of all three.

USGD is made up of Senators, who represent each college on their campus, Directors, whose jobs focus on a specific area on campus, and Executives, who oversee different aspects of the organization, while managing their own tasks and initiatives.

Depending on the student’s position they receive a stipend for the academic year. The stipends for positions go as followed:

  • Senators - $1,250

  • Directors - $2,500

  • Senate President & Chief of Staff - $5,000

  • Vice Presidents - $6,000

  • President - $7,000

Arizona State University has five student government entities, each representing the different demographics across ASU. Four student governments cover the Downtown, Polytechnic, Tempe, and West campuses, while the fifth focuses on graduate students. Together, the five student governments collaborate to represent the greater Associated Students of Arizona State University (better known as ASASU).

A lot of people think that USG in college is similar to student council in high school. However, student government at ASU strives to be much more involved, advocating for Sun Devils on the university, local, state, and sometimes federal level in order to improve students’ everyday lives. USGD also encourages students to be civically engaged themselves, registers students to vote, and relays student feedback on important legislation at the state’s capitol.

All in all, our main goal as an organization is to advocate and represent the students of the Arizona State University’s Downtown Phoenix Campus (you) to to the best of our ability. Let us know how we can help you!

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