Unknown downtown resources

Daria Jenkins

Director of Communications

Arizona State University offers many different resources but students don’t always take advantage of the resources made available to them. Even worse most don’t know what services the school offers through the mandatory fees paid every semester.

That I’m here to do. Whether you need an STI test or counseling, ASU has many different ways to accommodate and help make students’ college experience easier in any way that they can.

Also every campus is different so below are the Specific Resources available in Downtown Phoenix. Here are a few resources that you may need while on campus:

ASU Police Department

  • (480) 965-3456

  • Available 24/7

Career Services

  • (480)965-2350

  • careerservices@asu.edu

  • Location: Student Center at the Post office, Second Floor. Suite 251

  • Hours: M-F 8am-5pm MST

  • Drop in Career advising: Tuesdays 9am-12pm MST, Friday’s 12pm-3pm

  • Online Chat Hours: M-F 2pm-5pm MST

Counseling Services

  • (602)496-1155

  • Office Hours: M-F 8am-5pm MST

  • After hours: Call EMPACT’s 24 hour ASU-dedicated crisis hotline (480)921-1006

  • Location: Student Center at the Post Office, Second Floor, Suite 208. No appointment necessary

  • *For life threatening emergencies, call 911*

Dean of Students

  • Dr. Sharon Smith

  • Location: Post Office first floor, Suite 104

  • (602) 496-4357

Disability Resources

  • DRC@asu.edu

  • (480)965-1234

  • Location: Post Office, first floor, Suite 104

Health Services

  • Schedule an appointment online at myasu.edu

  • (692)496-0721

  • After hours medical advice: (480)965-3349

  • For emergencies please call 911

  • Location: In the College if Nursing and Health Innovation, first floor

Sexual Violence Awareness & Response

RAINN Sexual assault hotline (National)

Student Advocacy & Assistance

Office Hours: M-F 8am-5pm (MST)


  • eoss.asu.edu/student-engagement/contact

  • (480) 965-9600

  • SCE@asu.edu

Student Organizations

Student Rights & Responsibilities

  • (602) 496-0670

  • Students with Families

  • (480) 965-9723

TRIO Programs

  • (602) 496-4111

  • triodowntown@asu.edu

  • Office Hours: M-F 8am-5pm (MST)

  • Location: Student Center at the Post Office, second floor, Suite 202


  • students.asu.edu/academic-success


  • wellness.asu.edu