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Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day

Daria Jenkins

2018-2019 Director of Communications

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is a day to celebrate love with the ones you love, but one person who you shouldn’t forget to treat on this day is yourself.

Every day we work on different things like our homework, jobs, clubs, etc. and don’t always make time for ourselves. With all the stress in our day to day lives it is very important to focus and take time for ourselves.

Whether that be your favorite drink from Starbucks, spending time with the people you care about the most, or even just disconnecting from the world and taking a bubble bath. One thing necessary for success in anything in life is to make sure that your physical and mental health come first because if not you’ll eventually burn out.

Today is the day of love. There are many different ways to celebrate. You can do host Valentine’s with your closest friends, go out with your significant other, take yourself out, there are so many different ways to celebrate.

One thing to always remember is that just because today is “the day of love” does not mean that it is strictly romantic love. And in retrospect, the longest relationship you will have in life is with yourself. So this year while you are thinking of all the love and support you have around you, don't forget to treat yourself.

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