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The semester is winding down

Daria Jenkins

Director of Communications

Even though today is Saint Patrick’s Day, if you look at the calendar there is actually six weeks left in the semester!

I know it’s crazy to think about since it may feel that the semester just started. But now it’s crunch time to finish strong.

The end of the semester feels like the hardest time, with projects stacking up, papers that are due and end of the year events galore. During this time it is not only important to maintain your focus and drive, but to also make sure that you take care of your physical and mental health during this time.

Here are a few resources that can help you finish out the semester strong:

  • Counseling Services - School can be overwhelming, and sometimes it can help just by talking to someone who is completely removed from the situation, which ASU does provide on all campuses.

  • Tutoring Services - Concepts don’t always click immediately in class or while studying, that’s why ASU offers tutoring services in an array of subjects.

  • Career Services - If you are applying for a few more scholarships, jobs and internships before we head off to summer break you can go to Career services for them to check out your resume, cover letter and get any help

  • Health Services - When you are constantly on the go, it is easy to catch a cold. If you start to feel under the weather head to Health services and they will check you out and help you feel better in no time.

Time may seem like it’s going slow but these next few weeks will go by faster than you may think. So work hard, stay hydrated and finish out the semester strong.

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