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Press Release

USGD Opposes Revised Title IX & Supports Transgender Students

Dear Students,

With the recent talk about the Trump administration wanting to legally define sex as, “a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth,” we as the governing body of Arizona State University’s Downtown Phoenix Campus we would like to show our support for Transgender students as well as all members of the LGBT+ community.

One of the many great things about ASU is that we pride ourselves on who we include not who we exclude. We as an organization are proposing legislation, see Senate Resolution I, in opposition of the impending revision to Title IX . We are here to represent and protect the rights of all students.

ASU abides by TITLE IX and with this suggested revision it will exclude nearly 1.4 million American citizens including some ASU students who define themselves as such.

For more details on Senate Resolution I, please see the link below:

Senate Resolution I

For any support you may need, please contact ASU’s LGBT+ resources at 480.736.4925 or Out@ASU Website.

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