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Power in diversity

Daria Jenkins

2018-2019 Director of Communications

One of the most important things in leadership is diversity, because those in power should resemble who they govern. The 2018-2019 staff of USGD is more diverse than years past. ASU Downtown is diverse in its own right but USGD this academic year is more than in years past.

ASU Downtown Campus Population

Male - 45.6%

Female - 54.4%

White - 52.2%

Black - 6.3%

Hispanic - 27.7%

Asian/Pacific Islander - 4.9%

Other - 7.3%

Undergraduate Student Government Downtown Staff

Male - 19.2%

Female - 80.8%

White - 42.3%

Black - 11.5%

Hispanic - 15.4%

Asian/Pacific Islander- 3.8%

Biracial - 15.4%

Ugandan - 3.8%

White/Latino - 3.8%

Other - 3.8%

Not only is USGD ethnically diverse but our organization 38.64% of USGD identify themselves as apart of the LGBTQIA+ community.

You may be wondering why any of these numbers and breakdowns matter. Well in fact these numbers show that in one way or another there is someone in USGD to represent you whether that is by college, age, race, or sexual orientation.

Representation is important because the ones in power should somewhat resemble those in which they govern.

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