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Meet the 2019-2020 executive team

Yasmin Alvarado (she/her)

2019-2020 President

Yasmin Alvarado is an honors student studying public policy. She is a first-generation college student who served as the Senate President within Undergraduate Student Government Downtown during the 2018-2019 academic year. Yasmin has been in student government since the fourth grade and has held various public service roles over the past four years. With her experience, Yasmin wants to build a stronger community through civic engagement, fun events, and new opportunities.

Michelle Ailport (she/her)

2019-2020 Vice President of Services

Michelle Ailport is an honors student studying journalism and a member of Next Generation Service Corps. She currently serves as the Director of Marketing in USGD and on the Committee for Campus Inclusion. She is a first generation college student and an advocate for education on The College Board Youth Advisory Council on Access to Education. As a Lead Peer Advocate for BLOOM365, she understands the need for new resources for students.

Kylie Cochrane (she/her)

2019-2020 Vice President of Policy

Kylie Cochrane is an honors student majoring in journalism with a minor in public policy. As a Next Generation Service Corps member, she aspires to use storytelling to enact positive policy change within the community. She spends her time interning for the Maricopa County Public Health Communication Office, advocating for health policy as the Director of the March of Dimes Leadership Council and is a broadcaster for Blaze Radio and Cronkite Cut.

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