Club funding is a great financial resource for clubs to put on events, coordinate speakers, and travel to conferences. Our goal has always been to fund a diverse range of programming that directly benefits the undergraduate student body. Please make sure you are reading the weekly newsletter sent to the first officer and advisor of your club from the clubs and organizations office to keep up to date with deadlines and changes. 


Funding requests are now made through SunDevilSync. You no longer have to attend Appropriations Committee meetings to present your funding requests, everything will be filled out online.


There is now a rolling deadline for event and professional development requests.


Event funding requests can be made at the latest 4 weeks prior and purchase requests need to be made at least 10 days before the event.


Operation Funding Dates 

Funding Opens: July 1st, 2021

Deadline to use Fall funds: September 30th, 2021 

Event Funding Dates

Funding Opens: July 1st, 2021

Deadline to use Fall funds: November 5th, 2021

Professional Development and Travel Funding Dates

Funding Opens: July 1st, 2021

Deadline to use Fall funds: October 22nd, 2021

Start-Up Club Funding Dates

 Funding Opens: July 1st, 2021

Deadline to use Fall funds: November 5th, 2021

Training Requirements

Appropriations training sessions will be published as events on the SunDevilSync website. Dates, times, and locations will be announced via the Student Organizations Newsletter that is sent weekly to the first officer and adviser of all clubs.


NOTE: All Clubs requesting USG Funding are required to have a top 3 officer attend an appropriation training each academic year. At least one of the top three officers of your club must attend an appropriations workshop in order to qualify for funding. Please reach out if you have any questions.


Current Appropriation Training Dates

Please see the Appropriations Committee tab for more information about scheduling a training with the Chair of Appropriations, Additional training will be added on a need-be basis. 


Student Organization funding is broken down into these categories:

  • Operations Funding - Provided at the beginning of each semester to assist student organizations with week-to-week expenses.

  • Event/General Funding - Event Funding exists to foster a more engaging environment on campus and provide safe, fun, enriching activities for the student body. Events funded through this fee should be put on by students, for students. Only listed officers may submit a budget request, submissions from advisors or general members will not be considered. Provided on a rolling basis throughout the year assist student organizations in creating safe, fun, and enriching events for the student body. Cap per request/event is $1800.  

  • Travel Funding -Travel Funding aims to provide students with financial assistance to pursue opportunities for academic and professional development. The cap per student is $520.


SunDevilSync Profile Requirement

Affected Groups: All organizations applying for Operations or Event funding.


The following must be included on the SunDevilSync (formally OrgSync) profile of any organizations wishing to receive Operations or Event funding:


  1. Student Organization Name;

  2. Profile Photo (Logo or Photo image); 

  3. The current description of the organization’s purpose;

  4. Membership roster that includes at least three officers and all current members (a minimum of 10 members is required for USG funding);

  5. Upcoming Fall semester meetings (dates/times/locations) that are posted to members;

  6. Upcoming events posted in either Newsfeed or through Events function;

  7. Memberships that have been approved/declined on a regular basis;

  8. A constitution that states that organization membership is open to all ASU students;


Items Funded through Operations Funding

  • Items (durable marketing and giveaway items)
  • Durable Marketing Items

  • Giveaway Items (for example stickers with logos)

  • Shirts/other apparel (requires club logo/through approved vendors)

  • Food for club meetings 1st and last meeting along with celebration. 

  • Costs related to officer retreats/name tags


To Submit an Application

1. Go to your club page in SunDevilSync-

2. Select Manage Organization in the Upper Right Corner

3. Click the 3 horizontal bars stacked vertically (hamburger) in the upper left corner.

4. From the dropdown menu, select Finance.

5. In the upper right corner, click the arrow next to the blue button that reads 'Create New Request', and select 'Create Budget Request' to access the Application.

6. Select 'Club Operations Funding-Downtown' for operational funding (week to week expenses) or 'Downtown Undergraduate Event/General Funding Request' for event funding.

7. Fill out the application COMPLETELY, providing as much detail as possible and following all instructions.

8. Check your organization's Finance tab regularly for updates from the committee.

Need Help? Check out this video! 


Submitting an Application

Applications for funding are managed through SunDevilSync (formerly OrgSync). Only organization officers listed as administrators for their organization on SunDevilSync are able to access the funding application forms. If you are a club officer not listed as an administrator, contact Downtown EOSS. In order to be eligible for funding, all organizations MUST send a top 3 officer to an appropriations training